Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is something I have loved from the beginning of being a photographer and first started photographing my children.  This type of photography gives me the creative freedom as an artist to capture you in true form, and the moments unfolding in front of me without controlling or manipulating the situation. This is exactly how I do my best work. It is very different from the traditional family photo session. It is more like a friend coming to your house, or to an outing with you but having a camera in hand to capture all those magical moments. Childhood is fleeting, and often times as a mom we don't get a lot of images of ourselves being parents or grandparents. We often miss those special moments of how our child looks at us when we hold them, or how our spouse looks at us in admiration for the way we are a parent captured in a photograph. These are more than just photos. It is documenting your family in this moment for who you are.


 I love natural expression, and aim to capture it in all the photography I produce. The pictures I love of me as a child are not the posed pictures we took as family with a photographer. They are the real moments of me playing with my cousins, cooking with Grandma, or swinging at the park with my Mom. I want to be the person that takes those photographs for you. I would love to take pictures of you and your family doing an activity in your home,  or just an outdoor family session with you and your children interacting and being yourselves. Photography to me is about telling a story to each person that sees it. It is about capturing a single moment in time where you see that photo and think, I remember them smiling that way or looking that way. 

In these sessions you can book me for a certain amount of hours to photograph your family day in life photos, birthdays, reunions, bringing your baby home for the first time, or your family going on an adventure.

Each of these sessions are story telling documentary sessions that go from half a day, or a full day in the life sessions. They include images in high resolution with a high quality slideshow to share with everyone you love. The price includes travel up to 1 hour from my home in Mineral. Documentary photography packages start at 250$. Please go to the GET IN TOUCH page for information on how to contact for pricing, as well as any questions you may have. I would love to be apart of your memories, and look forward to meeting you.

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