Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Why Hire A Birth Photographer

 "I Believe Your Babies Birth is Equal to Your Wedding Day and Deserves the Same Level of Care and Attention."


Hiring a professional to photograph your birth can seem like a foreign and strange concept to those who have never seen or experienced it before. However, besides your wedding, the birth of your child is one of the most important days of your life.  No one thinks twice about spending large amounts on a wedding day.  Having a birth photographer is a luxury, it allows you to hand that job off to someone who can take quality images, so you and your spouse can focus on your sweet baby and those special moments when you meet him or her for the first time. I know for my own delivery how much those photos mean to me. That was a magical moment, and I will have those images for a lifetime. Without a birth photographer you may be left with a few camera phone pictures of your most important first moments together. Dads who are often skeptical in the beginning realize just how amazing it is to have those photos afterwards. It is so special to have those to show your child later, when they are grown up.

"Your First Breathe Will Always Take Ours Away"

What is Birth Photography

  • Birth and labor are unpredictable photo sessions. They happen at any time and they

         are varying in length. Which is why I am on call for

         the entire month of your due date. This means I will          not go out of town during this month.

  • I could be at a delivery for 24 hrs or more. No matter how long your labor and delivery is I will be there. I stay until about and 2 hours after delivery. While at your labor, I tell the story of what goes on and capture moments as they happen.

  • No flash will be used during delivery. I find this too distracting to the mom, and everyone else. 

  • This is documentary photography so it is not posed. It is a beautiful moment when a child enters the world for the very first time.

  • I am a very quiet person who knows that laboring is a very hard and stressful time. I am very unobtrusive and stay out of the way.

  • I come to a birth at the time of hard labor. I will usually get there around 5 or 6 cm.

  • I like to meet with you prior to delivery to discuss everything that you want, and don't want. I am there ultimately for you, and so I photograph what you want me to photograph. 

  • For each birth I deliver at least 100 images or more depending on the length of the labor and birth.

  • All the images posted by me of each birth story are shown in a private album to you before anyone else sees them. Any images you are uncomfortable showing will be taken out. Ultimately your privacy is of utmost importance to me. During the consult we can discuss what photographs you are interested in having. 

  • The images given will be on a USB. I can do prints for you, if you are interested in adding them to your package. 

  • What happens if I am sick or cannot make the birth due to unforeseen circumstances? I will contact my back up birth photographer who is a good friend of mine. She and I have a similar style and I am certain you will enjoy her photos. 

 I have had 3 children of my own, so I know what it is like to be on both sides of the spectrum.  I also had a birth photographer at my own sons delivery, and I know how special those images are to me. I really love to look back on them. 

Please message me for pricing information. I customize things to your individual needs. 

If you are not interested in Birth Photography. I also do Fresh48's which are after delivery, and in the hospital. These are great 1-2 hr sessions.  I also offer package deals where you can get 2 or 3 sessions for a discount. For example: Maternity, Birth, and Newborn 

Or Birth and Fresh48 which is the most asked for combination

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