Birth of Annalise-Harrisonburg,VA

August 27, 2016

I had the pleasure of photographing my sweet friend Mary's maternity and birth pictures this past week. It was an honor. Love this picture of her. It shows her outside beauty, as well as her inside beauty. She was smiling at her husband being his normal Ben self. lol! 


Another image of Mary's pregnancy photos. Doesn't she look stunning? How can you look that gorgeous at 9 months pregnant? She literally had Annalise the very next week. 

 So when I got there I just documented things around the room. The door number,  signs, and the heart rate monitor.

 Mary was in good spirits when I got there and not in much pain at all, which was great. She was about 4cm when I arrived.

 Dad was a little tired hehe! They had gotten there early in the morning.


Took a posed picture before things really got going. All Smiles. Mary was just starting to get in decent pain once they put her epidural in.

 Ben is famous for his napping abilities lol! So he took a nap while we waited.

 Mary was happy the epidural was in. Much better!

Mom was super tired so she decided to take a nap. She got about 30 min in when the nurses came running in, and said they wanted to check her. They knew something, because she was 9 cm when they checked. So it was time to push.


                                    Mary worked hard to get little Annalise out.

Annalise arrived after an hour of pushing. She had a cord wrapped around her neck once, which most likely deterred her from coming sooner. Mary's labor was very short. She got to the hospital around 8am that morning, and Annalise was born around 5pm. Mary said it was her fastest labor yet. 

Mom and Dad enjoying the moment soon after Annalise arrived. They just took her out and laid her on Mary's chest. She was perfectly warm and content there. It was beautiful. They tend to wait to wash them until about a day later to help their skin. This was new for me, as only my 3rd child Silas had this. The other 2 they washed immediately following. Skin to skin is a priority now, which is great for nursing moms.

 Dad admiring his 1st girl. So beautiful..

 5 lbs 14 oz and 17 inches long this tiny beauty is here!

 So beautiful even when crying...





 After Mary had 3 boys we were all unsure if she would finally get her girl this time. Annalise surprised us all, and she is beautiful. Mary finally got her girl. She has 3 older brothers to keep her safe. I pity her suitors when she is older.:) 


 A tiny little thing. She is so adorable. Look at her sweet face. Birth photography is so amazing. You get to witness the birth of a human being, which in my book is the most miraculous thing on earth. God truly knew what he was doing when He created her. 






 The beautiful Momma! Look her radiant smile! So happy! Nursing her for the first time. She did so good! Right before her siblings arrived..


So sweet of Mom and Dad enjoying the moment.



 Meeting her brothers for the first time! So sweet! They were fascinated with her. Little Ezra doesn't know what to do not being the youngest anymore. He is a big brother now!


Annalise's oldest brother Davis admiring his sister, and getting to hold her for the very first time.


A review from Mary after I photographed her delivery,"She did my birth photos and I love them. She was not intrusive at all, she was a calm and friendly. I hardly noticed she was there."


I really enjoyed this session so very much. I love birth photography, and getting to do it for my best friend was even better. I hope you enjoy your baby girl Mary. Love you guys! 




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