September 12, 2016

           I had the pleasure of photographing Safie's fresh48 of her newest daughter Willow. This family is so unbelievably precious. I adored every minute of my time with them. It was after this session that I knew for sure that births, and babies were where I was headed with specializing in my photography. 

             This photo was adorable. Safie had created a pinterest page of ideas she wanted to try for her photos for her fresh48. I was excited to be able to do some fresh new things, and I think they all turned out amazing.


Safie was amazing! She planned everything out, and I was excited. Isn't she beautiful? I cannot imagine being this beautiful right after delivering. 

 This image was a random snapshot of Safie just carrying Willow around and calming her, as she was ready to eat again. Love little baby toes.:)


 As we waited for Willow's sister to show up and meet Willow. We took some photos of little sister. With her Daddy! So sweet.

 I just adore this photo of Safie and Willow. It is so amazing! The love a mother has is no comparison.

                          Mom and Dad so happy to have their little girl finally arrive:)

 Sweet moments with Mommy! I loved this set of photos, because it displays so much beauty in being a Mom. I know after having 3 children of my own that being a Mom is the best thing ever. God gave me the most precious gift in the world, by making me a Mom. 


 Meeting her sweet sister! She is adorable! At a year and a half she did not quite realize Willow was coming home with them, and that she was her sister. hehe!

 A family of 3 now a family of 4. Mom really wanted a photo of her family finally complete, as she was not planning on having any more children.

 Such sweet baby touches. I love it so much. Having a baby is such a blessing in a families life. No greater joy!

 Wren was watching some kids TV shows to keep her occupied, and maybe sit still for a picture. 

        Look at that tiny baby hand! It is simply adorable! Am I right? Nothing cuter!

                                         Black and white sweetness...So adorable

                                                             This is just so cute! 

                         One of my favorite photos of the bunch. I love it! Such beauty.

        Safie holding her baby skin to skin. Love it! Such precious memories. I just love that          lavender robe too! So much prettier than hospital gowns.


This was the giant window that was in Safie's recovery room. Isn't it amazing! I was so excited when I walked in the room and saw it. It made for some beautiful window light. This session was one of my favorites for sure. Enjoy your sweet baby Safie. She is beyond adorable.

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