Baby Jack and The Ball Family

October 9, 2016

This was my first really authentic lifestyle newborn shoot. For other newborn shoots I have done, I was always loving the natural poses. I leaned towards photos of Mom and baby, and baby just being a newborn. I decided to go away from posed newborn shoots for this reason. I really love just photographing things as they are. I usually photograph my kids this way. Them playing, and just being kids. I know those are the memories I want to remember. I do minimal posing, but it is always in a natural position that a baby would want to be. There are other photographers in the area that do amazing posed newborn shoots such as Denise Feagan. She is great with posing newborns, and I highly recommend her for those if that is something you desire. I decided I wanted to be different, to do what I excel in. To photograph Mom snuggling baby in the chair they always sit in, or to photograph sister just cuddling her brother, dad loving his sweet wife, or to photograph the dog being protective of her new family member.

Just love this! A Mother admiring what she helped create. God is amazing! His design that a human should come from a mother's womb, is unspeakably amazing!

      A mother's love is unfailing and instant. It is amazing how God created such a beautiful likeness to His love for us.  

                                                                                   Gentle kisses from Mom

                                                                 So tiny in that great big bed of Mom and Dad's.

                                I just love the nursing baby moments. Jack is such a good nurser, and Lauren is a natural.

                              Little sister wanted to lay next to Jack, and she looked up at me for this photo. It was adorable. 

                                        The door provided amazing light on this gloomy rainy day. I just love this one.

 Wiley has been really protective over the baby since he arrived. It was so cute. I love how he posed for the camera here.

                               Lauren looks so beautiful here, and she looks great. I cannot believe she just had a baby!

                                                                            One of my favorites of Baby Jack

                                                               Big brother and Little brother snuggles on the couch

                                              A color version of the previous photo I put up of this. Love it in color also.

                           He would not smile for a single photo until Lauren bribed him with candy:) Works every time!

                                                               More precious Mom and Baby Jack moments.

                                                  Lauren loves to baby wear, and is really good at it! I admire her skills.

                                                                    Precious Jack and his little sister just loving him.

 Caroline was adorable and totally loved the camera. Haha! She was wearing a baby hat here. lol! I was taking a picture of Wiley, and she just jumped in front of the camera. Lauren and I laughed.

                                                                                 Leaning in for a kiss. Love this one! 

            A family one. We did not get many of these. haha! John is not a fan of pictures, and well as I know all too well with a family of 5 it is hard to get everyone to sit still:)

                                                                           Motherhood, is a beautiful thing

                                                                        We just needed Trindon in this:) Love it!

                                                                      I am just loving black and white lately...



All of these things are just real life. Those are the things I want to remember from my kids growing up. The real and the authentic life we spent day after day doing. Pictures are there to remember the moments we left behind. The memories we wish to re live over and over again. This is why documentary, lifestyle, and photo journalistic style photography is so much apart of the photographs I wish to do. Lauren is a very dear friend of mine from Louisiana. Her family and mine often get together for fun visits or the boys for working out:) I was honored to be apart of Jack's first days of life, and photograph him as a newborn with his family. Life is not always perfect, but there are moments that are perfect in our life. These are some of them. Thank you Lauren and John for allowing me to be apart of your lives.

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