Bumps, Birth, and Babies...My Passion, and My Focus

January 16, 2017



Throughout the year you may have noticed that I have slowly gotten a new website, changed my editing style, and changed what I show on my galleries. I am now rebranding my work, because I have decided that Birth, Babies, and Bumps is the genre of photography I want to pursue from here on out.  There will be a lot of pricing changes, and a lot of changes in general. I started out doing everything and anything, which was great for figuring out who I am as a photographer. But, I now am sure of what I am passionate about photographing, which is awesome and I am so excited about it because I am doing what I now absolutely love to do. Occasionally I will take on a family session, but don't be offended if those are not shown on my websites. It is not that I don't love the images I have taken of you.  I am only showing the art that I want to pursue. I will no longer be doing weddings or any other genre of photography outside of birth, babies,bumps, and the occasional family session. These are something I have wanted to focus on for a very long time. I think being a mom of 3 is what makes me driven in that direction. I just get what it is to be a mom, as I live and breathe it every day. 


Each birth gets me excited about the next one. I truly feel the joy of each mom as they bring new life into the world. It is an honor to see it right before my very eyes. Nothing compares to that. I know each of my children's births were special and individual. None of them are the same. The first birth story I ever photographed was when my sister asked me to come photograph her daughter being born. I really had never heard of birth photography before this. I mean who wants all that photographed? Well then I saw the beauty in birth photography. I saw the tender moments between dad as he caressed his wife's hair. I saw the look on my sisters face as she gave life to her sweet girl. I saw the beauty in that first glimpse of our sweet Addison. I saw the pride in my brother in law's face as he stood over his daughter just in awe of what he had helped create. I saw the passion of the doctor's, nurses, and midwives as they helped each mom deliver new life into the world. This industry is all about that. I fell in love with it at that moment. I wanted more of it. This is why I am choosing to do birth photography. 






 As I have been on this journey I am also extremely excited because I became a member of the Virginia Birth Photographers. You can check out the listing at www.virginiabirthphotographers.com. This is a great honor and I am proud to be apart of this great group of photographers who are extremely talented. This community is amazing, especially the way they lift each other up.

One of my favorite sessions is also fresh48s. I love the images of the new baby, and the mom and dad snuggling with their new child. Also, it is so fun to get to photograph the first moments that family members get to see their new sibling or grandchild. These memories last for a lifetime, each one of the mom's that have chosen a fresh48 session tell me how much the images mean to them. My husband and I had them done for all my children, and we just adore every one. We are so thankful we got them. These sessions are filled with first moments of your sweet baby as they explore their first moments in the world. It is such an honor to know that these images will always be hung on the wall or put in the album of that sweet baby. There is so much joy in it.




 Babies...Oh my how I love babies. I mean I did have 3 of them. Haha. I really do love them. I love cuddling them. I love photographing them. I love their sweet little baby pudge. I love those little toes. I love that they chew on everything. I love babies. haha! I decided this year to offer a range from lifestyle newborn photos to baby photos all the way up to a year. I offer packages that include all of those images. These are great for albums. 







I have done several maternity photos or what I like to call Bump Sessions. I would love to do more. Pregnant momma's are the most beautiful women in the world. They carry a life inside them. Who doesn't love a cute pregnant belly. Personally I loved every second of being pregnant. It definitely has its challenges, but after I can tell you from experience you will miss it:)


Thank you all so much for being a part of this crazy and fun journey I am on. I am so excited to follow my passion, and I know this is the best decision moving forward, doing what I love will produce better images for all of us. This is sure to improve my art, and my experiences with all of you. I truly am blessed, and honored to be part of each of your journeys. 


                                                                                                                       Anna From Captured By AnnaMarie


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